Step by Step before the Black Hat SEO Japanese 2024

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If you came to this article, it is very likely that your site is infected by the Japanese Black Hat SEO (All or several URLs of your website appear in “Chinese” or “Japanese” in Google). If you just discovered that all or part of your website URLs are infected with Japanese keywords on SERPs, this is the best tutorial to solve it step by step.

Although people get desperate before this attack, really with a little patience and our defined steps, it has a solution. The first thing is to solve and then is to look for the cause, the longer you leave pending, the infection continues with the passing of the hours.

Step by Step before the Black Hat SEO Japanese

The 3 fundamental aspects before a Japanese Black Hat SEO attack:

  1. Disinfect the site of infected files and make security settings.
  2. Remove all infected URLs from Google (we will do it manual+*personal trick)
  3. Start indexing again with a quality sitemap.

How to clean my website from a Japanese infected URL attack?

With these steps I briefly summarize the steps necessary to solve the problem, so let’s start!

1- Deter your Website from Search Engines: This is a main need in order to temporarily leave our Google site until the internal infection is fixed. With this step, what we do is prevent infected URLs from being indexed and we literally tell Google not to index our site at this minute.

2- Install an antivirus and scan the site: Above all, we recommend the use of Wordfence ( in the case of WordPress in a free and easy way. After a simple installation and configuration by default, the site must be scanned and it will give you the details of the infection. Optionally, you can solve everything through the plugin itself or by locating the files that have been injected with malicious code on your server. In all cases he takes care of solving everything for you.

3- Change of access credentials for security: Change all the credentials and passwords of user accounts with permissions to your hosting control panel and WordPress. If there is a user created that is not one of your defined ones, delete it.

4- Eliminate infected Japanese URLs from the SERPs in Google: For this we are going to help Google Search Console. The first thing is to check if there is a user created with permission to this property in your Search Console account. Check that only the accounts that you have defined with access have permission, if you ever create one that is not of interest to you, you can delete it. For next change the password of your GMAIL for more security.

How to remove all Japanese URLs from my website on Google?

-Do a search by to know the current situation of 100% of the URLs of the site, and from them make a list of which are infected. On this we can make a list in Excel with 100% of the URLs that are in Japanese.

-Through Google Search Console using the URL Withdrawal option we create a NEW REQUEST and we are requesting 100% of the URLs that we have in the Excel previously formed. In a short time, Google takes care of removing all infected URLs from the SERPs.

Trick to quickly and massively eliminate several URLs with Japanese infections

*Perhaps it becomes tedious to combat thousands of infected URLs, for this the process that we will follow is the same, but using URL prefixes. Perhaps among your URLs there is a repetitive or numerical cycle for which we can use a prefix.

Remove all URLs with this prefix

Example1>,, …./9 With this we will be eliminating in unison all the URLs that have a # under your domain.( 90% of infected URLs have a #)

Example 2> With this we eliminated a sequence of possible infected URLs on a file that was infected and generated thousands of URLs.

Note: When all this URL removal process is done, it is necessary to repeat the search in Google in order to know if there are any infected Japanese URLs still in Google. In case there is any pending, repeat the deletion request, in case everything is already clean we continue with step five and all the missing details.

5- Review the Site Map (Sitemap): We do this prior to the indexing process that we are going to carry out again. It is obvious that, if we already have Google clean, we need to return to our site again. First checking that our Sitemap is correct. To do this, it is enough to list, its quality is visible since we know that the URLs it contains are the ones we really want to index.

6- Index the URLs again: The first thing is to reappear in Google, remember point 1 of this tutorial. We discourage search engines because it is necessary to deactivate that option to tell Google again that we are back. Then we send the Sitemap again in Google Search Console so that the system can make a new search and validate it. Finally, the indexing process will be continuous, you can speed it up manually but it already depends on the crawl. Little by little your URLs will return to Google with the quality before the Japanese URL attack.

5 other necessary aspects before a Japanese Black Hat SEO attack

5 other necessary aspects before a Japanese Black Hat SEO attack

  1. It is always good to have a backup copy of the site before cleaning it: Before starting the whole process, virus cleaning is necessary, so it is a good practice to have a backup of the site before doing everything. If something goes wrong, then we restore with that version.
  2. Delete any account that does not belong to you: You should only have access to your sites, passwords and panels and properties users that you recognize. If you see any suspicious activity, you should eliminate it.
  3. Run anti-malware scans on a scheduled basis: Scan your server for infected files and always get the best security.
  4. Check your sitemap: If at any time you notice that your sitemap has been adjusted or injected with URLs that do not belong to you, run a cleanup of it.
  5. Monitor the links. Monitor your website’s outgoing or incoming links to make sure they are valid and not from a Japanese Black Hat SEO website.


Top Disinfection Experts Black Hat Seo

Finally, we know that currently any website is exposed to cyber attacks with the ability to steal information, manipulate data and violate security protocols. In the case of the Japanese SEO attack, its objective is to send “spam” traffic to a website with the aim of being penalized by Google and in turn displaying URLs “mostly Japanese sales products” with a view to achieving views .

Although it seems incomprehensible, this problem is quite common and sometimes people have no way or agility to deal with it. This happens when you least expect it. Sometimes we have a website that has been well organized, worked and optimized for years and this problem happens overnight.

As we told you at the beginning, this is the best tutorial for Japanese SEO attack disinfection or Japanese Black Hat SEO. We hope that by reaching this end you have everything resolved, if necessary. CONTACT us to request the disinfection service. A large group of experts from our company has answers to all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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