We provide solutions based on information technology and Blockchain. The third generation of Internet services for web pages and applications.

WEB 3 Services that we Develop at Exeditec

Smart Contract

At Exeditec, we are proud to offer a smart contract development service. We provide solutions with development, testing, deployment and auditing to ensure that your smart contracts meet security and quality standards.

Defi Development

We create DeFi development applications (Decentralized Financing). These projects are autonomous and transparent. These systems allow users to create, trade, and manage financial assets without having to trust a third party.

NFT Marketplace

We develop totally innovative systems. The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Market is a new concept that is emerging in the Blockchain industry. We create virtual platforms that allow users to exchange digital properties such as images, souvenirs, and functional objects created using Blockchain technologies.

Characteristics of the Services

  • Rarity tool
  • Airdrop Manage
  • Art Generator
  • Marketplace
  • Web3 Design
  • MetaData
“We offer different levels of technology solutions for customers”.
Our developments are complemented by coexisting with integrations for any type of project. Based on this, every day applications are more capable of processing information intelligently, as if it were a human being.

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology has more applications every day in all areas, than only cryptocurrencies or NFTs. The relevant business solution for the coming years is to develop decentralized applications based on Blockchain


The design has a fundamental relevance in the positioning of any platform. We have an expert work team in visual communication and UX web design. With extensive experience we implement web 3.0 development


Our team creates payment gateways with cryptocurrencies. In web 3.0, it is always important that business operations have the highest level of availability to accept various means of payment.

We create decentralized platforms and applications

At Exeditec, our Web 3.0 Development service is focused and based on creating platforms with total technical efficiency, prioritizing the user experience and the new 3.0 design trends.

General Aspects Web 3.0

    • Artificial intelligence

Web3.0 development contains within artificial intelligence, a powerful tool that offers solutions at all levels.

    • Blockchain-based authentication

Through the development of decentralized applications, such as NFTs dedicated to security, the Blockchain has the capacity to provide companies with the best security solution. At Exeditec we are developers implementing total security based on the Blockchain.

    • Dapp integration

Dapps as decentralized applications provide companies and users with the best level of efficiency, sustainability and autonomy. With our work we consolidate brands and companies in a technological way.

    • Semantic web

The development of information technologies in web 3.0 makes us create autonomous websites. We are experts in solutions related to the semantic web.

The new development trends and technological innovation make web 3.0 a perfect space to integrate new utilities. The creation of interfaces with various purposes whose main mission is to offer a more intuitive level of interaction with users.

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