What is back-end and front-end?

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In this short article we will talk about the general details and the differences between back-end and front-end. If you have observed carefully, our Software development group has programmers of both profiles and terms. So we begin!

The first thing to note is that both plugins are vital for an application or web page to function properly. Front-end and back-end development is carried out with different processes that in the end are complemented together in a software construction process.

What is back-end and front-end?

What does front-end mean?

The front-end of a website is the part with which a user interacts. From the point of view as a user, it is nothing more than the interface. If we analyze it as a developer, it is nothing more than the design of that interface and a correct programming that makes it work completely.

A front-end developer builds all the elements and layouts of the apps, including menus, buttons, links, graphics, pages, and everything proposed and defined by the pre-design group. Front-end developers take on challenges to achieve a better user experience in the completion of their projects. Achieve visually appealing elements and an interface that is easy to use.

Although we explain that the front-end deals with developing the visual part, it does not mean that it is the term web design. The developer works on a design preconceived by a designer and makes it functional using their programming languages. In summary, the so-called “front programmers” are those busy in achieving the functionality and engineering that makes a previous design come alive and interactive.

What is back end?

The term back-end is everything that users don’t see. To better explain it is what happens before a page is displayed in browsers. All this can be better detailed as the actions that are carried out behind a website, or it could be exemplified as what happens “behind the scenes”.

This development is more linked to the server side that provides data according to the requests of the application that is channeling them between the database. It is also the way of organizing the information behind each software.

In summary, software development today through programmer profiles are those in charge of achieving an application or a website using various techniques such as the ones we have discussed in this article. If you wish to acquire software for your company or business, do not hesitate to contact us, at Exeditec we take care of it.

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