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At Exeditec we have a visionary development team specialized in Blockchain technology. Venturing into this improvement we create solutions for companies around the world. Currently Web3 becomes generally the point of view of a new and more efficient Internet.

Our specialists evaluate the needs of each client and we create solutions based on the established tasks with a fully ready platform. Accompanied by a custom design and intuitive controls that can be understandable to even novice users on these topics.

In summary, our services that we will explain below use the chain of blocks, cryptocurrencies and NFTs to provide authority to users in the form of property. Perhaps with Exeditec you can obtain and develop what you have dreamed of so much. Here we go!

What Web3 services does Exeditec offer?

1 – Smart Contract

At Exeditec, thanks to Blockchain technology, we design intelligent contracts that are executed automatically. These are considered a revolution since they are computer programs created so that people and companies that get involved will comply with its clauses. This development really promises a lot and is the way to transform the normal way of doing business in the not too distant future. The need to interpret whether a clause is executed or not is eliminated, that is, smart contracts are decisive and are executed autonomously without problems.

To better understand the smart contract service, it is appropriate to learn about the Blockchain. It is nothing more than a shared registry, or a huge database that is replicated across multiple sites, called nodes, so it is impossible for it to be maliciously vulnerable. Thanks to this technology, we can share data and information securely, between both parties to the contract with complete confidence.

Smart Contract. Web3

Utility of a smart contract: Important details

Previously I told you about the guarantee of security in transactions through Blockchain. Smart contracts operate automatically, meaning no supervisory verification is necessary. It is enough to indicate that the computer program will be executed after a certain event occurs.

It is of great value to emphasize that each party involved in the contract accepts the rules and the steps that are going to be executed. Once the execution of a smart contract has started, the established rules cannot be altered. Each step is registered in the Blockchain and this cannot be modified.

A smart contract can help transform the traditional economy. Imagine that you have a company that sells a product and, on the other hand, a chain of markets that acquires them. They are in several or distant countries and it is the first time they want to do business. If you go to a smart contract, this facilitates the transaction and that each party complies with the agreement. In this case, the oracle could be the transportation company, which, when a merchandise is delivered, will register it in the Blockchain through an intelligent contract. Then, once it is delivered to its destination, an automatic payment order is issued. Even if they want to add penalties or clauses, it is defined in the contract and it would be executed if the established event occurred.

2 – Defi Development

Our Web3 development offers the service of creating fully decentralized financial ecosystems. This translates into the fact that it is the users themselves who offer and demand and between them achieve direct exchanges between them and without intermediaries.

The operation of decentralized finance also uses the chain of blocks or “Blockchain” consisting of a network of connected participants without the need for a central server and capable of transferring data and assets safely. Everything that is decentralized is safe and under the surveillance of the users themselves. DeFi operations are governed by the aforementioned smart contracts, as we have already explained, executed automatically and as they comply with parameters between the parties involved.

Defi Development. Web3

Utility and use of DeFi in Web3 development

If we take into account that the term decentralized finance is recent, both its potential and its usefulness will depend on what users demand. On the other hand, the regulations that can be implemented in the future. For now, there are people and companies that invest and finance themselves from DeFi applications as a supply-demand bridge, using Blockchain, a total guarantee of transactions.

Anyone with the Internet can be part of a financial ecosystem thanks to the fact that DeFi applications are developed with open source, as software is publicly available to be used, improved, audited or adapted to the needs of each case.

To access these applications it is necessary to have a Wallet, purse or virtual wallet, which is where the digital assets that are exchangeable with each other are deposited. In these cases, the factor to take into account related to the security of financial assets is necessary, since in DeFi platforms the user is in charge of guarding their own asset through their access codes to enter their financial applications.

3- NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace allows users to buy, trade, or sell digital assets that are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At Exeditec we can help you develop and launch your own NFT marketplace as a great way to take advantage of the growing market and demand for these tokens. Our experts create online platforms that are customizable and provide access to offers to buy and sell NFTs, being digital objects that represent real objects.

The so-called NFTs are nothing more than digital assets certified using Blockchain technology. These tokens use a cryptography that makes them unique. Among the NFTs we highlight that they can be anything, from a virtual good to a collection, each one is unique and each unique object has its own value.

NFT Marketplace


The NFTs are also stored in a chain of blocks, which guarantees, as we have mentioned at various times in this article, security and authenticity. You can exchange works of art, digital game characters, game elements, figures, shapes, among others.

The 4 characteristics of an NFT are summarized in that they are unique, indivisible, transferable and limited capacity. At Exeditec we develop projects with essential characteristics, achieving the best NFT market.

Our applications made are easy to navigate and easy to use and with functionality and tools for the best user experience. To request any of the services that we offer at Exeditec in Web3 development, you can contact us by any of the existing channels. One of our experts will assist you shortly.

In the next article we will explain in detail each feature of our services, stay updated with our news. We will wait for you!

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