Keys for the best positioning of a Website

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In recent days we have seen in some forums debates, some questions that users ask about SEO work. Among them, the necessary keys for the best positioning of a Website on the Internet stand out. In our development group we define a set of 5 aspects that in our opinion are very important and give us daily results in each project. Then! We share, we go there.

The ABC to position a Website quickly

1- Quality of internal linking

TOP aspect to take into account, which arises and is born with the development of the project. As a developer, you must pay serious attention to the matter because if you achieve a correct internal linking process, it will allow you to enhance the authority of each page. The links of a Website are the fundamental basis through which Google robots will crawl and find your content. Everything is organized through each URLs and at the same time with the quality of your sitemap (Sitemap). For this, it is convenient to have excellent architecture and web navigation.

Quality of internal linking

2- Content Creation

We should not create content without knowing what Internet users are looking for related to the site in question. SEO-oriented content marketing must be adapted to the Keywords for which people search and your website is displayed on the SERPs. In this way we boost organic traffic with keywords and appropriate formats that are tracked by search engines.

At Exeditec, in the first analyzes it is convenient for us to know to which audience a brand is intended to be brought. Google trend analysis with the use of some necessary tools. After knowing the type of content that we should create for each business, each Website intends to develop a Blog to upload the information. If possible, do it in a planned way, Google adapts to your upload cycle. All marketing action has to be coherent, the content must be of quality and useful, easy to read and direct without falling into monotony. Read your text out loud, remember that you are writing for a user, not for a robot.

3- User experience

The denomination UX (User Experience) allows us to measure the user interface of a website and the ease with the user in mind. The conversion rate of a website depends on this factor. According to the simplicity of a purchase or call-to-action process, the visitor needs everything to be as intuitive as possible, without it, he leaves the site and needs to go to another place to get what he was looking for.

User experience

To achieve a better UX, it is necessary that the navigation and web architecture be organized and visually attractive. Where the user has to make less effort to understand what a client is proposing on his site.

Another important UX aspect is readability, where the User must visually find a page with good reading and save time on the site. For this, we always recommend attractive fonts and visible colors that have the ideal contrast, subtitles and line spacing.

A fundamental aspect for a better UX in our opinion is the loading speed of the sites. Check our portfolio and you can know what we are talking about if you check the websites we have developed. Websites that receive many visits because the speed of their initial load is decisive. If a website takes more than 10 seconds to open, we are sure that they will lose most of their customers.

4- Technical SEO

From the birth of a website we take into account the technical SEO work. We can’t wait for launch to optimize, better optimize and launch. The structure is the configuration of any website with the intention of positioning it in first places. The main objective of technical SEO is to put a website in its privileged place in Google, standing out in content and user experience.

Technical SEO. website

At Exeditec we are very insistent on the quality of URLs, reviewing the Sitemap with the aim of achieving a fast and safe indexing process. We work for the security of the sites, this determines the trust of the users. Data processing today is essential for Google. We work on tracking, with the aim of achieving better indexing. Let’s avoid broken links and 404 errors.

5- Responsive design

Every project has to be designed for all devices. Our APPS are conceived under responsive designs where the mobile-first index is the main method that Google classifies. Mobile searches are those that search engines take into account to position a site. At Exeditec we adapt web pages to any device.

With these 5 key aspects to position a Website, we can work quickly in the processes in an organic and simpler way, achieving incredible results. Using very clean SEO techniques that users and search engines will be very welcome. Contact us for these services and all those existing at Exeditec. A group of experts on the subject will gladly assist you briefly and can help you with a Digital Marketing plan.

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