Data protection applied to Digital Marketing

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In digital marketing, data protection is paramount. This means that we must take care of and respect the personal data we collect, using secure practices to store it and guarantee its confidentiality. This includes all types of data collection, from collecting basic information on registration forms to storing more sensitive details like credit card numbers.

Anyone involved in Digital Marketing should seek user approval before collecting any personal data and make it explicit what information is being requested and for what reason. The process must also include an explanation of where we will store such information, how long it will be kept available, and how it will be used. Likewise, users must have the possibility to contact us to access or update their personal data or cancel their consent to the processing.

Data protection applied to Digital Marketing

Data protection and privacy

On the other hand, one of the most necessary elements of the current legislation is the mandatory proportionality of the derived data. That is why they should not exceed those required to achieve the proposed final purpose.

This might seem inconsistent with the concept of Big Data, since this instrument is based on the study of massive amounts of data. However, through these requirements a more effective and responsible treatment of the same is pursued.

Likewise, regarding the purpose of data processing, it is fair to keep in mind that this is subject to the approval of the user. It is entirety the limits of the examination and use of the processed information will be established.

Protecting personal rights ensures that our visitors can browse with peace of mind knowing that their personal data is secure. Establishing a good online policy for the proper handling of legal treatment correctly is essential to ensure that our clients feel trust in us as a company.

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