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In the previous article we reviewed all the WEB3 services that we carry out in the Exeditec development group. Each of them contains characteristics in its composition and creation, which we intend to explain in this Post. As we have explained, WEB3 is the current type of internet, whose characteristics are based on semantic technology. All built through a chain of blocks like the Blockchain in a decentralized way where there is no centralized ownership of the content or the platforms.

WEB3 offers personalized online services and takes advantage of new technologies for greater control, security and privacy.

Important details in our WEB3 development

– Rarity tool

There are so many NFT collections that, if you don’t know much about the sector, it would be difficult for you to guess which NFT to buy, especially at the beginning. If you are one of those who want to start investing in NFTs and you are not sure about the beginning, there is the Rarity tool that will help you a lot.

Rarity Tools is the tool that offers users lists and ranking of existing NFT collections. This is not just any ranking, it is a Rank by rarity level, where are the NFTs that can contain more value. Ordering the pieces from the rarest and most unique to the most common.

Rarity tool. development

In any case, the rarest are not always the most valuable. There are collections where the most expensive NFTs are the ones with the best design and a community likes it a lot. However, this property does not make it rare. At Exeditec we have defined this tool in the WEB3 Development of clients, since it is a way of promoting a previously created Marketplace NFTs.

– Airdrop Management

Airdrops are one of the most attractive activities in the world of cryptocurrencies. The objective is nothing more than to give away or deliver free cryptocurrencies or tokens to a community that is interested in them.

In Airdrop admin themes you always need to choose the right one for your campaign that will increase user engagement. In such cases, it consists of delivering or transferring a number of tokens to existing Wallets without the need to perform actions. It is a promotional method to encourage more people to acquire an asset. Handing out a free token is the best way to put yourself in the spotlight of any project.

As you have been able to verify, in this aspect we see that the fundamental thing is the tool as an advertising speaker. Both to expand the public you want to reach or to promote a business from an associated project.

Airdrop Management. Development

– Art Generator

This is very interesting for artists and people interested in this type of platform that offers multiple opportunities to create and trade with them. Make your project grow with the art generators at Exeditec. We have all the necessary tools to create, customize and launch an Art Generator. With us you will achieve projects that generate attractive NFT graphics exclusively with very attractive templates with custom design layers.

– Marketplace

There are already several platforms for creating, buying and selling NFTs, but many people may be interested in creating their own. In this case, we at Exeditec are available for their development.

Many companies and businesses take steps to tokenize their own NFTs. These are coming out ahead because their capitalization multiplies over the years and makes an NFT Marketplace promising in the future.


Among its details we have that it is required to create a non-fungible token protocol in the ETH network since most of the Marketplaces work with it. The system used to integrate them is through smart contracts.

When a Marketplace is complete and finished, any user who wants to can create a profile, download their Wallets and store the NFTs. For this, it is necessary to create an electronic portfolio and prepare the project with dedication for an excellent finish.

– Web3 Design

Web 3.0 design is one of the aspects that most impacts development. These designs are more user-focused as it must be possible to explain how to buy, or register in a more detailed way in these applications. Everything must be well explained through the design. Likewise, related topics are added, such as concepts of Blockchain technologies and everything that emanates from it.

At Exeditec we always seek to design to communicate the characteristics of Web3 to be understood, even if they are novice users on the subject. We also work so that people understand smart contracts as a necessary way in the operation of this new world.

– Metadata Web3

This is the way or a solution to describe characteristic of an NFT. The metadata describes essential properties such as name, supplies, and transaction history. It is an essential component of every NFT because it makes us understand and know the metadata and we really understand what we are buying.

Summary about Web 3 Exeditec

Finally, in the previous article we reviewed the services that we provide in Web3 development. Today we complement all that information with the characteristics of each project. To request any detail or contact us to achieve that application that you have dreamed of so much or propose an idea that you want to develop. You can go through any of the contact channels or leave us a direct message at our email We will wait for you!

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