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At Exeditec we are united by the satisfaction that our work has an impact on companies and businesses around the world. This is only possible with teamwork and the trust of our clients together with our daily dedication. In this article we show you some APPS from the Exeditec Portfolio and their basic details.

DIMECUBA: Telecommunications contractor leader.

Las APPS del Contratista de telecomunicaciones DIMECUBA fueron desarrolladas en nuestro grupo de desarrollo Exeditec. Proyecto TOP de los más reconocidos internacionalmente con disponibilidad para todos los dispositivos móviles y ordenadores. Esta compañía hoy es líder en el mercado para los servicios que prestan y se mantienen posicionados con total optimización y reseñas de sus clientes satisfechos.


CONDIRICO: Website of the first MYPIME of Cuba in Gibara.

In Exeditec the WEB Site of the first MYPIME of Cuba in Gibara, “Condirico” was developed. A mini-industry cataloged as El Buen Samaritano founded in 2010 that is dedicated to the production and marketing of sauces and condiments where it obtains exceptional achievements in the combination of pastes and dry and wet condiments. Marketing them in the area of ​​tourism, having national and international recognition, showing their seasonings at international fairs and national events with a successful result. Today it has the CondiRico trademark.


VILLAZUL TRAVEL INC: Travel Agency, flights, tour packages and more.

Exeditec developed the Villazul Travel WEB, a travel agency to any country, flights to all itineraries, you can book hotels for vacations or stays, they contain car rentals where you are, they carry out various raffles and have the best tourist packages. Today in the process of being updated to include ONLINE reservations and all the most dynamic details for your clients.


ARTE Y PUBLICIDAD CULIACAN: Website of a leading company in Mexico.

This company is positioned as the first in textiles in the city of Culiacán. They offer textile products such as Business Uniforms and the comprehensive service of Computerized Embroidery. Currently available for all mobile devices and PCs through its WEB Site, it contains complexities in its catalog of stylish products ONLINE clothing and apparel store.


STARFUND: Financing Solutions

StarFund is a non-compliant commercial real estate lender. Their asset-based mortgage programs are specifically designed for independent real estate investors and small business owners who often don’t qualify for traditional bank loans.


All these APPS are samples of our portfolio, which have different cuts. Some are mobile applications available on the Play Store and App Store and others are WEB Sites for all devices.

If you have a company, business or company and want to get your own application or website, you just have to contact EXEDITEC. We put everything.

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